Losing your hair doesn't have to mean losing your head

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Why am I losing my hair?

Unless you have a medical condition, male pattern baldness is usually down to genetics. But lifestyle factors play a part too. Stress, diet, sun exposure, and even air pollution can cause hair damage. For a lot of men, hair loss might feel inevitable. But with the right treatments, it doesn’t have to be.

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Introducing The Big Three

A topical spray. A daily tablet. A medicated shampoo. Studies prove the efficacy of each. But combining all three is the most effective way to reduce – and even reverse – hair loss.

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Two thirds of men will experience hair loss by 35. If you're keen on keeping it, the key is to act sooner rather than later.

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Finasteride works by reducing DHT – the follicle-killing androgen that’s the root cause of your thinning hairline. Regular use slows the rate at which hair falls out, helping to stop hair loss in its tracks.

How to use: One tablet, once a day

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Minoxidil (active ingredient in Regaine)

Minoxidil works directly at the source of the problem – your roots. It’s been found in study after study to increase the diameter of the hair shaft, stimulating and prolonging growth.

How to use: Apply to a dry scalp twice daily (morning and evening)

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Ketoconazole (generic Nizoral)

It’s not just hormones that hamper your hair line. Follicular inflammation also plays a part. Ketoconazole counteracts this, reducing scalp ailments that lead to inflammation. Certainly not your average shampoo.

How to use: Every other day, massage into wet hair. Rinse after 3-5 mins.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • All our hair loss treatments are regulated, tested, and have proven efficacy.

    Finasteride has shown to be effective in 90% of men to stop hair loss or start hair regrowth.

    Minoxidil has proven to be effective in stimulating hair growth and thickness of hair in 63% of treated men.

    Several studies have also shown Ketoconazole to be effective in treating hair loss in men. While it is primarily licensed as a dandruff treatment, it is often used as part of a hair loss regime, alongside Finasteride and Minoxidil.

  • With consistent use, you may see results in three to six months. If you don't see a difference straight away, don't sweat it. This is completely normal. Results vary from man to man, and for some it can take up to a year to see visible changes. Seeing no further hair loss can be a result in itself, so remember to stick with it.

    Reversing hair loss is a marathon, not a sprint. Men using all three products consistently over a long period of time tend to see the best possible results.

  • Results come with consistency and perseverance. If you stop, your hair will continue to shed at the rate it did before your treatment.

  • Seeing no further hair loss can be a result in itself. The Big Three Hair Kit is designed to stop further shedding, in addition to encouraging hair regrowth. In short, if your hairline isn't moving, that means you're no longer losing your hair, and the treatments are working.


Where do I start?

The key is to act fast. Because once it’s gone, we’re afraid it’s likely gone for good. Luckily, our treatments are delivered next day.

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